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Tooltekt® Electric Drill Shears Attachment Cutter

Tooltekt® Electric Drill Shears Attachment Cutter

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“This attachment has a great design and is very easy to put in and off a drill. I used it to cut strips of sheet metal. The first cut is slower as I only had the drill trigger pulled about halfway, but the second cut is much faster as I pulled the trigger all the way. Nice clean cuts! Very happy with this purchase, and much easier than using tin snips.” - Dan T.

Why Buy Our Electric Drill Shear Attachment?

CONVENIENT: This drill attachment has a faster cutting speed than other sheet metal cutting tools and is suitable for any drill bit working between 1,500-3,000. It is easier and more powerful than ordinary scissors and knives, saving you a lot of time and improving your work efficiency. 

EASY TO USE: It quickly turns your power drill into power shears by fitting this perfectly into your drill’s chuck. It also comes with an adapter handle that can adapt to different electric drills and is compact, making it effortless to store and transport.

SHARP: Features a positioning slot for accurate sizing and cutting to complete a wide range of metal pieces, such as 25GA (0.5mm) stainless steel, 22GA (0.7mm) iron, copper, aluminum, metal mesh, and even 19GA (1.0mm) plastic board, FRP fiber, PVC board, cardboard, and other sheet plates.

DURABLE: It is equipped with a robust metal gearhead designed for durability and long-lasting use. It inserts directly into the drill without the need for specialized tools. 


  • We do not recommend cutting stainless steel and special high-hardness alloy materials to avoid damaging the tool attachment. 
  • It can not cut sheet metal with blending, ribbed, special-shaped or welded shape, or non-metallic material. It can not cut forward if it gets stuck; set the drill to reverse for an automatic exit.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this cut tin roofing?

A: Yes

Q: Does this leave a rolled or slightly deformed edge?

A: No

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